Welcome to Handspan Studios. We create morphs, shader presets and characters for the 3d application Daz Studio. I primarily make merchant resource Morph Kits, along with the artist Thorne, that enable users to make their own characters for resale. We have many morph kits available for Daz Genesis through Genesis 8 figures, both male and female.

Daz Studio enables the 3d artist to work with jointed models in a quick user-friendly way, bringing a whole new range of expression to 3d artwork. Figures can then be exported to other programs or rendered directly in Daz Studio. Among the easiest 3d programs to learn, Daz Studio has a great deal of tutorial support, forums and content available for it. It's main render engine, Iray, has been a big leap forward and produces rendered results comparable to much more expensive programs. Daz Studio is free software, it is very stable and quick to learn. If you are new to Daz Studio there are great tutorials by Daz3d channel up on YouTube.

Our Shader Preset packages are available for Iray. The tiling textures that the shaders are based on are also a merchant resource and can be used to make UV map clothing and other textures for sale. They can be used in any 3d program or paint program that supports tiling textures. See our tutorial section for instructions on how to create PSP brushes using any seamless texture tiles. All our seamless texture tiles and Morph Kits are ok for commercial use for 3d texture and character creation.

The majority of our work can currently be found in the Daz 3d store, there are some items available at Renderosity as well

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