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Asian teen character for Poser

Character For Poser 4, Pro Pack or Poser 5

Natsumi for Daz millennium Pre Teen

Price: $15.00

By HandspanStudios

PC Type: PC/Mac
Filesize: 8.05 MB



Product Feedback From Customers:

  • "I have a lot of HandspanStudios characters, and believe me when I say they are worth every single penny and Natsumi is a gorgeous young beauty with stunning Handspan trademark wide eyed face. " - rasputina

  • "Natsumi is just beautiful! We fell in love with her the moment we saw her. She is the perfect addition to our ever growing collection of your splendidly crafted products. " - vshane

  • "A new great product from HandspanStudios, Thanks for that great & very cute character ... ^.^" - miken999

Turns your Millennium Girl figure into a beautiful Asian teenager with a fresh new look. Her name, Natsumi, means 'summer beauty'. Detailed textures and anatomically correct cr2 is included.

Mat Pose lets you use these maps easily for Victoria or other MG characters.

Due to Poser having trouble with scaling she has extra morphs included for her feet, they distort differently with ik chains turned on or off- so I have included a morph to compensate for each.

She also has an improved joint parameter for the shoulder so that if you bend her arms down her ribcage is not so much effected, a minor problem with the original figure.

Hair shown is 'Katie Hair' by Vairesh, not included.
Clothing is Daz Millennium Girl clothing pak modified, the morphs (in cr2 format) and texture will be posted to free stuff soon.

Files included are:

NatsumiHeadTex.jpg 2048x2048
NatsumiBodTex.jpg 3000x3000
NatsumiHeadBump.jpg 1024x1024
NatsumiHeadBump.bum 1024x1024
NatsumiBodBump.jpg 1024x1024
NatsumiBodBump.bum 1024x1024
Natsumi.cr2 and.rsr
NatsumiMat.pz2 and .rsr

Readme File: Click here to view the readme file for this product.

Files NOT included:
Hair is by Studio Maya, free from their website.

System Requirements: 1) An AMD, Intel or Mac based personal computer 2) Poser4 or 5 with the latest patch applied or the Poser Pro Pack installed 3) A minimum of 64MB of Ram 4) A program to unzip files 5) Mac requires a PC to Mac convertor 6) Millennium Preteen figure by Daz

Natsumi PT Millennium Girl Poser character
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Poser 5 is the ultimate 3D-character design and animation tool for artists and animators. Create 3D Figures using a diverse collection of ready-to-use 3D human and animal models. Poser's innovative interface makes figure design, posing and animating fast and easy. Map facial photos, grow and style dynamic hair, and create dynamic cloth to add extraordinary realism to your figure.

poser 5 software 3d modeling tool
Quickly output movies and images from your posed figures for content in Web, print, and video projects. Add life to your 3D worlds using exported posed figures.

For those new to 3D, digital artists and hobbyists alike, Poser 5 quickly generates fast and dynamic results that will leave you speechless.

Poser 5 delivers all of these NEW powerful features in a single affordable, easy-to-use package:
  • New highly accurate male, female and children figures; all fully poseable and with photo-realistic textures.
  • Map facial photos to add that personal touch to your figure.
  • Use Morph Putty™ to directly manipulate facial expressions.
  • Grow dynamic hair that can be styled and animated. Make it thick or thin, straight or curly, or even use it to create realistic fur or grass.
  • Create realistic dynamic cloth and make it flow and drape around any object in your scene.
  • Build powerful node-based material shaders to create any material texture you can imagine.
  • Produce astounding results with FireFly™, Poser 5’s all-new hybrid micro-polygon and Ray Trace render engine with subdivision surface rendering of polygons.
  • The Poser 5 Content CD contains a host of extras, including props and textures.
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