HandspanStudios Poser Models for Poser 4 and Poser 5
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Poser Models for Poser 4 and Poser 5, 3d model Poser render texture
Millennium girl character Poser Models for Poser 4 and Poser 5
Natsumi for Daz3d's Millenium Girl

Welcome to Handspan Studios. We make characters for 3d applications Poser and Daz Studio. We primarily make merchant resource Morph Kits that enable users to make their own characters for resale. We have many morph kits available for Daz Genesis and Genesis 2 figures. We also make Poser models or characters for Poser. Poser enables the 3d artist to work with jointed models in a quick user-friendly way, bringing a whole new range of expression to 3d artwork. Figures can then be exported to other programs or rendered directly in Poser or Daz Studio. Among the easiest 3d programs to learn, Poser has a great deal of tutorial support, forums and content available for it. Poser can create animations too, with time saving features like Walk Designer and in the latest version Poser 6 through 10, dynamic clothing and hair, collision detection etc. Daz Studio is free software that does some of the same things and is very stable and quick to learn. If you are new to Daz Studio there are great tutorials by Daz3d channel up on YouTube.

We specialize in making different human characters using these programs and base figures from various sources. Most of our characters are for figures from Daz3d. We also have characters for Smay's Mavka, Littlefox's Cookie, and Maya Doll. All our characters come with texture and transparency maps unless otherwise noted. We make our own custom morphs so the characters have a unique look you won't find anywhere else. Browse through the Characters section to see our Morph resource kits and Poser models for Poser 4 through Poser 10 and for Daz Studio. For the time being we will be working with Thorne on the textures for Thorneworks models as well.

You will also find a few basic seamless texture tile collections- tiling fabrics for clothing and interior design textures. They can be used in any 3d program or paint program that supports tiling textures. See our tutorial section for instructions on how to create PSP brushes using any seamless texture tiles. All our seamless texture tiles and Morph Kits are ok for commercial use for 3d texture and character creation.